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That Clean Life - Recipe and Meal Planning Tool

May 6, 2015


A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Instagram about a community, That Clean Life, that I recently became a member of. That Clean Life is a web app that makes healthy eating easy and fun! Abigail (one of the co-founders) is great - she is knowledgeable, kind, outgoing and creative. I first met Abigail while attending the University of Guelph - we were actually roommates one year! She ended up leaving UofG to pursue her passion for nursing. Abigail co-founded That Clean Life with Chris, her now finance, in January of 2014. I remember when That Clean Life first popped up on Facebook - I was so intrigued and excited to follow this new venture. That Clean Life first started as a series of e-books and healthy eating challenges. I have been following ever since and can truly say I have enjoyed every recipe - they even have Mac-n-Cheese, Fried Rice and Pecan Pie Square recipes! Who said clean eating was boring – Abigail and Chris prove this to be the farthest from the truth! Their vision has definitely grown from where it first started and I can’t wait to watch this dynamic team and online community continue to grow.

That Clean Life is a member subscription that gives you access to all of That Clean Life's recipes, and an awesome online tool that allows you to customize meal plans for the week. Another great benefit of this awesome online tool is that you are able to print or email an itemized grocery list to yourself based on the meals you selected for the week. A number of clean eating challenges have also been created which really brings the community together and makes everyone accountable. These challenges are also available after the challenges end, making meal planning even easier as a number of weekly meal plan options are available to pick from.

Below are a few of my favorite recipes - there are still a bunch of recipes I can’t wait to try!

I have been seriously obsessed with these overnight oats. I usually indulge in a smoothie bowl for breakfast however, I decided to switch it up and have been addicted. I have made overnight oats in the past but forgot about them. It’s not on the top of my list for breakfast (or never used to be). I never liked oatmeal as a kid but my outlook on oatmeal has been forever changed. That Clean Life's recipe keeps you full and gives you lots of energy to start the day. 

I know this does not look appetizing in the slightest, even my husband said it was a terrible picture. But he raved over this turkey meatloaf. It was delicious and tastes so fresh - a lighter option compared to traditional meatloaf.


Tuna and Chicken Salads – That Clean Life has forever changed my chicken and tuna salad experience. I have never been a big fan of mayo. I usually substitute greek yogurt in dips and whenever mayo is called for. These two recipes have introduced me to an even cleaner option that I LOVE! I am officially addicted

These. Coconut. Brownie. Bites…  Similar to the no-bake energy bars I make however, a bit different and 100x more addictive. 
Abigail and Chris are constantly adding new recipes and introducing new challenges to keep clean eating fun and exciting. That Clean Life also recently added a new member to their team, LeChing Vuong. And what a great addition she is! I have followed LeChing Vuong throughout That Clean Life's journey, before she became an official team member. She is consistently posting her delicious creations and often a few different variations - like these irresistible pecan bars on her site, Maude + Phyllis! That Clean Life isn't just a recipe box and meal planning tool, Abigail and LeChing often post on the blog about different tips & tricks in the kitchen as well as great articles about healthy living and staying on track. The team is very motivating! 

The membership is very affordable and definitely worth it! You can subscribe for $9/month and have the ability to cancel at any time or you can join for a $90/year and save $18 (2 months free!). Abigail and LeChing are both registered nurses and Abigail is also a Culinary Nutrition Expert so you know these recipes are full of nutrients and created for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Abigail also offers an additional membership, which includes 1-on-1 clean eating coaching sessions with the expert herself! 

Here are a few recipes to try before committing to a membership with That Clean Life. This is just a taste of what Abigail and her team have to offer! If you are looking for new healthy (and clean) recipes, look no further - you will not be disappointed.  

A new challenge, Lighten Up Part II was just announced! New recipes and the new meal plan will be available May 18th with the challenge beginning on May 25 – With summer around the corner, I know That Clean Life has some awesome new recipes up their sleeves

I hope you join along with me!

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