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A week in Paradise - A Review of Atlatis Paradise Island, Bahamas!

April 15, 2015

Just over a month ago(!), I was lounging in Paradise with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law (← meet her here!) and my nephew. Oh how time flies and temperatures differ. We are now patiently or not-so-patiently waiting for this dreary, rainy and dirty weather rut to disappear. I think we are almost there - Spring made an appearance earlier this week and I am positive that it is returning soon.

In the mean time, wouldn't it be amazing to wake up to this everyday?!

First off, our trip to Paradise Island was amazing but it didn't quite start out that way... The power on the whole island of Nassau was out the night we arrived. It reminded me of the days living on Saba (post here), as the power would go out randomly and you would just have to hope it would come back on shortly but no one really knew if it would be a few minutes or a few days! But on vacation, at a 4 star hotel, this is not what you expect. The hotels only generator that was working was powering the casino and adjoining hotel - how convenient, right? This made our dinner experience quite interesting and dampened our moods temporarily as no one was really very helpful about the issue. On the other hand, the Hotel was PACKED and I am sure the staff and resources were being spread pretty thin. Upon checkout, this was rectified as we were reimbursed for our first evening including our phone-lit meals- more than we expected! We just wished this was communicated earlier so we didn't start our trip with such a sour taste in our mouths!

Any who... after the brief power outage, our trip turned for the better and we had an awesome week away from the cold winter we left behind! If you haven't been to Atlantis before, I think a trip at some point should be planned - whether it’s a sneak peak from a cruise stop off or a vacation to paradise, it is something that should be on your radar! There is so much to do, for everyone of all ages (really) and the food is DELICIOUS. The casino however, wasn’t as big as I expected it to be. It’s big, don’t get me wrong, but I have sat around a few black jack tables at a few casinos as my husband, father-in-law and brother-in-laws all enjoy a trip to the casino once and a while. And since Atlantis hosts gambling events, I expected the casino to be huge! Good thing this trip wasn’t to gamble - it was more about this...

And this...

And jumping on the bed... (excuse the picture quality)

Since we went during March break, I expected there to be a ton of families with children running around everywhere. Much to my surprise, the resort was taken over by teenagers and college students - nice spring break if you ask me! Thank goodness this only lasted for a few days as many of the teenagers were obnoxious and not always appropriate around families with children (when did I become 80 years old?). I was so shocked that high school students were on a grad trip to Atlantis! We learned later that it is a popular destination for students (and families) from Florida as the flight is about 45 minutes and many people just stay for a few days. We found humor in many of the conversations we overheard and were happy we found the lagoon which was a bit quieter and ideal for families and small children - my nephew LOVED it.

Atlantis has so much to offer - lots of activities schedules everyday for all ages, an incredible spa, gym and lap pool, underwater experiences including the Dolphin Cay, a casino, golf course and many pools, slides, aquariums and beach areas.



This slide is where my Paradise Island dream started. The minute Mary-Kate and Ashley plunged down this slide, I knew I had to visit!

The hotel was stunning and very well kept considering the size and number of people who were there that week.

As mentioned above. The food. was. amazing. I don't think I had one meal I was disappointed with. We tried a few different restaurants but I think my favorites were Nobu, Olives, Casa D'Angelo and Seafire Steakhouse. Below are a few pictures of some of my favorite dishes!


My sister-in-law and I also made our way into town and enjoyed awesome daiquiris, conch fritters and fried fish in The Fish Fry! The Fish Fry is a stretch of huts and restaurants that serve fried fish. We were on a mission to try the famous daiquiris at Twin Brothers and experience the Fish Fry. When we arrived, we were greeted by a local that helps tourists find their ideal restaurant depending on the type of fish you want and the atmosphere you are looking for - it was a great way to learn more about Bahamas and The Fish Fry. The daiquiris and fish was delicious, I am not a big fan of conch fritters - they are a bit too doughy for me! I have had fried conch before and I do prefer that much more to the fritters. 


Overall, we had a great week. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious and company was fabulous! I just hope the nice weather starts creeping north soon!

Here's to hoping for the sun!

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