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A Quick Trip to NYC!

March 12, 2015

This month continues to be a busy one! I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since my last post! But you know what they say… time flies when your having fun! It’s been a mixture of fun and crazy chaos. I started another new job, went to NYC for work, have been home to Canada the last two weekends so I feel like I have been nonstop and living out of a suitcase. With vacation just a day away, I can’t wait to stop it all and lay on the beach. 

I should be packing right now… but I thought it would be more fun to post a recap of my whirlwind trip to NYC! I was in the city for 4 days and a jam-packed 4 days it was.

It was a very different experience from the last time (and my first time) in NYC. The city didn’t seem so big and chaotic last week when I was part of the hustle and bustle. Although, it did seem a bit surreal to be walking to work in New York - I definitely took the time to soak it all in. It was a nice dose of fun, craziness and just enough to fulfill my wanderlust soul!

I flew into New York and was greeted by family - what an awesome way to start a trip right?! I got to spend the afternoon with my husband’s cousins and their little ones, it was so great. And then, the day got even better when they had an extra ticket for me to see Big Love at the Signature Theatre! It was an Off-Broadway production so it was very unique and kept us on the edges of our seats!

The following day, it was time to get down to business! It was a busy day full of training and meetings. It was a great way to dive into my new position and hit the ground running, literally. We were all over the city but it was an exciting way to get things done and experience the city in fast forward. It was a long day and I was exhausted by the time the day was over, so I headed back to the hotel for a bite to eat and some time to relax.


I stayed at Yotel Hotel near Times Square. It is a very unique hotel. I would definitely recommend it to anyone for a business trip or a couple looking for a less expensive hotel option with a modern flare. For most people visiting NYC, you don't spend much time in your hotel room so this is a great option. I would describe it as an upscale hostel. The room has everything you need, it's just small and compact. The food at the hotel was GREAT and the service was amazing. The check-in is also unique as you check-in through a computer system. There is also a locker run by a robot available to store your luggage if your not leaving the city until later in the day.


The next day was just as busy as the first so it kept me on my toes but the weather wasn't so great. I ventured to Times Square after the work day ended but turned around after a quick stroll and a few treats later from Carol's Bake Shop - My mom and I love Buddy so I had to bring home a few sweets to share! As expected, everything was delicious!
A little Celeb sighting - Shania!

On my last day in the city, I knew I had to really take advantage of the day since I got rained out the previous day. We started the day off with a great breakfast at The Lambs Club (Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's Restaurant). This day wasn't as busy and the day finished earlier so I jumped on the subway and walked through Central Park on my way to Sprinkles' Cupcake ATM. Because it was required. After I got dessert (a maple bacon cupcake, red velvet cupcake and a salted oatmeal cornflake cookie!), it was time for dinner - Sushi at Ginza. It was great! Last time I was in NYC, my husband and I ate sushi at Tataki and it was amazing as well. NYC does many things right, and sushi is definitely one of them! After dinner, I headed back to the hotel before making my way to the airport. Have you ever taken the Air Train and subway into or out of the city? It is fantastic, I definitely recommend it. Upon entering the city, it was a crazy snowstorm and the traffic was nuts. I know the snowstorm was less common but the traffic is typical. The Air Train was so easy, quick and convenient. And costs less than $10!

Although it was a quick and busy few days, it was still fun! I definitely recommend the restaurants above and Yotel hotel if you are looking for a reasonable priced hotel option!

Have a great weekend and I will check-in from the beach!

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