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Winter Favorites

February 1, 2015

It's that time of the year again - time for my winter favorite fashion items!

So far, this winter has been a very mild winter for us. We are used to temperatures way below freezing in the great north (Canada). Since we have been in Baltimore for the majority of the winter, it has been a pleasant, mild change. My winter favorites below aren't exactly my typical winter necessities!

First off, my favorite tights of all time, Bootights. My mom introduced me to this company a few years ago and bought me the pair above. I have had them for.... ever. I think about 3 years (for tights, that's a long time)! And for anyone who wears tights regularly, you know sometimes they don't make it through day one. I hate spending money on tights to have a run appear in the first wear! These trusty tights have never had a run (**knock on wood). In my opinion, they are the best tights out there. And not to mention, the real seller for winter... they have socks built into them(!) so you are ready to just throw on your boots! Bootights is offering you, "my followers", 25% off any orders placed through their website! Just use the code: Chicago. They have a variety of styles on their site - Happy shopping!

My second favorite winter item is this turtleneck from J Crew. It is big, cozy and warm. I can wear it with almost anything - leggings, jeans, skirts and dress it up or down. I just love it! It is now on sale too!

A winter necessity for the snow - my Adirondak Ugg Boots. For the few times it has snowed or when it is just plain cold out, these boots are my favorite! With my favorite cozy socks of course, Roots Cabin Socks. I know these boots are a bit more expensive than other winter boots but they are worth it. They are waterproof so they keep my feet warm and dry!

I promise this post is not sponsored by Ugg. I just have a slight obsession with sheepskin and staying warm and cozy. I got these slippers for Christmas this year - Santa must have known my old pair were worn down. My feet are usually always cold - my mother always says 'cold feet, warm heart' or it might be that fact that my husband likes to keep our thermostat at a slightly cooler temperature than I would prefer. So these slippers are a necessity to help keeping me toasty.

You may be confused by first glance but, you need one of these. It is a MagneButton (i.e. scarf magnet) - it holds your scarf in place so it doesn't slide or fall off! After one of my girlfriends showed me hers, I always found myself needing one! I mentioned to her a few times that "I could really use your magnet today, my scarf is driving me crazy" and then she surprised me at Christmas with a Magnebutton! It is so simple but such a smart idea. You can also use it to hold a sweater together if it doesn't have buttons! 

I love these two colors for the fall and winter. I have been switching back and forth between Glamour Purse by essie and Recycle by China Glaze.

What are your winter favorite fashion items?

Stay tuned, this week I will be announcing a giveaway of one of these awesome Winter Favorites - I can't wait!!

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