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A Restaurant Review - Woodberry Kitchen

February 12, 2015

I think we have found a new favorite restaurant in town. Well... I shouldn't speak so soon. It's a tie. Only because our top two restaurants are very different. As you know, our favorite restaurant in Baltimore is Sotto Sopra. If you missed my review, read up on it here.

The moment you walk into Woodberry Kitchen you feel welcomed, cozy and charmed. Your senses are awakened with the aroma that fills the restaurant and you can’t wait to see what's on the menu! The menu is prepared daily, that’s right, DAILY! So you never really know what might appear. Some items make it back on the menu but it’s always a surprise! It’s great if you like trying new things but if you are craving the last dish you ordered, you may be out of luck. Everything we ordered was delicious so I don’t think you could be disappointed!

Woodberry Kitchen is a 'farm to table' style restaurant so all of the ingredients are locally grown right in the Chesapeake region! Which I love – the ingredients are fresh and your supporting your local community. What’s not to like?

The atmosphere is very hip and cozy. It reminds me of cottage country at home (which I miss terribly) so it filled me with warmth and relaxation immediately. The fire was burning and people filled the restaurant with love and laughter. It has a sophisticated, city chalet kind of feel. It was like no other restaurant I have ever been to. We were seated upstairs which was great as we could see the kitchen below, watch as dish after dish was cooked in the wood burning stove and were able to enjoy the decor and the ambiance looking over the balcony.

Our server greeted us almost immediately and was happy to make suggestions about ‘today’s menu’. His recommendations were great as we ordered almost everything he suggested and were thoroughly satisfied!

To begin we shared a Kale Salad and the Voyager Oysters. The Osyters were baked with cream, onions and ham.


I almost forgot to take a picture of the kale salad until... it was just about devoured. It was great - prepared with tomato water, chile oil, biscuit crumbs and topped with poblano dressing.

My husband got the pork chop the server recommended, which both the server and my husband agreed, they usually don’t order pork when they are out for dinner but, it was amazing. Served with polenta and cauliflower, carrots and topped with a bacon pepper gravy!

I ordered the lambchetta which is a bit out of the ordinary for me as well. I hardly ever order lamb but I was so glad I ordered this lamb dish prepared in a sausage fashion. It was served with cabbage, battered sweet potatoes(!), radishes and a plum BBQ sauce.

For my sweet tooth, I had been eyeing up a dessert from a table close by and when I found out it was a coffee ice cream cake, I was sold. It was very similar to the Keg’s Billy Miner Pie. Which is amazing - if you have never treated yourself to one, you’re totally missing out. My husband always passes on dessert but our server brought two spoons just in case and who was the first one to dig in… not me! (I am determined he secretly loves dessert). Sometimes I might skip dessert but I hardly ever skip a cappuccino after dinner - it just finishes off my meal. And we get to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at Woodberry Kitchen just a little bit longer!



Overall, we had a great dinner. The food was amazing, the ambiance was perfect and our server was awesome. Just be prepared to fork over a few extra pennies – but it is well worth it!

Woodberry Kitchen also owns a great little coffee shop that I love, Artifact Coffee. I highly recommend stopping by for coffee or a bite to eat. Look how cute it is! And that Butternut Squash soup was delicious!



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