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Barre - Tucking, Lifting and Pulsing

January 20, 2015

Let me just start off by saying, barre is a great workout. I am hooked. If you think Barre classes are relaxing or you envision a group of women dancing around the room, you are wrong. It is an intense, full-body toning class.

I have only been to 3 classes so far however, I love it. From the moment I walked into the studio, I knew it was going to be fun and challenging. The studio is filled with energy and happy faces.

On my first visit, I was instructed to grab a mat, a light set of weights (1 – 2lbs or no weight) and a heavier set (2 – 3lbs). I was shocked with the amount of weight they suggested since I am used to lifting heavier weights. Since it was my first time, I wanted to play it safe. And boy was that a good idea!

The class starts with a short warm up and stretching then dives straight into an upper body work out with light weights. Within a couple of minutes, my muscles were really feeling it. The main focus is ‘tucking and pulsing’. Throughout all of the exercises, upper body and lower body, you are instructed to keep your butt tucked under and to squeeze – your abs, your butt, and your legs. All of the exercises consist of small movements of pulsing until your muscles are completely exhausted. Since the range of motion is so small, it really works muscles that you might not be used to using. After the upper body workout is complete, you move towards the bar to stretch and begin the lower body workout. It was just as much of a killer. My weak area is definitely my thighs so the burn was real. Somehow throughout the burn, you are able to enjoy it knowing you are really working for it. The energy in the room is very motivating, the music is pumping and the instructors are very passionate. After your legs are so wobbly you can hardly stand, you move onto targeting the buttock specifically before laying down on you mats for abs – at last.

But not so quick. While we were focusing on legs at the bar, the instructor placed a small ball behind us so we could use this for our core exercises. This little pink ball, is no longer seen as a pretty pink ball. Again, pulsing and burning. It felt good. And then, like that, the class was over.


Overall, the class is great. The instructors are very informative and upbeat but they mean business. Both instructors I have had, walk around the room to demonstrate and assist with proper techniques and posture. After class, the instructors are very open to answer any questions or concerns as they really want to ensure you enjoyed the class.

Most people in the class wear special socks that have small grips on the bottom, which help you from sliding on the floor. I have not purchased a pair yet but I probably should. If you are just trying the class out for the first time, you can get away with just wearing your own regular socks. I did not find myself slipping in my first class but the next two classes, when some of the exercises went off of the mat, I had to readjust to stay on the mat so I would not slip.

If there is a Barre studio near you, I definitely recommend dropping in for a class. You may curse me at times during the class but the tenderness in your muscles the following day really makes you feel like you accomplished something!

For a sneak peak into a Barre class, check out this 10 minute video!

Happy toning.

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