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Our Honeymoon in Thailand

December 20, 2014

In September, my husband and I went on our [long overdue] honeymoon. Just over a year late, but it was worth the wait! We went to Thailand for 2 weeks. We originally thought about visiting Cambodia, Vietnam & Loas during our trip to South East Asia however, we didn’t want to rush through these beautiful and historic countries. So we decided to just visit Thailand and were able to experience a variety of what Thailand has to offer! We flew into Bangkok, travelled north to Chiang Mai and finished our trip relaxing on the beautiful beaches in the south. Below is a quick recap and some pictures from our 13 days in Thailand (+ 1 in Tokyo!).

Day 1 – We arrived in Bangkok and experienced a bit of culture shocked to say the least. We were immediately thankful that we don’t live in such a hectic city. It is a great and fascinating place to experience but you don’t need to spend more than a day or two there. It was amazing to see the ancient temples and travel around by tuktuks and riverboats but the city is very congested and people hustle you to buy food and merchandise left, right and center.

Day 2 – We headed to the beautiful northern countryside of Chiang Mai. It was refreshing – lots of opened land and ideal for the adventure seeker in us! As soon as we arrived, our taxi driver wanted to sell us a day trip (clearly, selling is a big part of the Thai culture). His offer was very reasonable and what were we waiting for! We dropped our stuff and Mr. M took us Bamboo Rafting and to the Tiger Kingdom. We had never heard of bamboo rafting before but Mr. M suggested it and it looked like fun! We loved it and even got to take turns paddling! At the Tiger Kingdom, we chose to see the baby tigers. We were a bit hesitant to enter a cage with a grown tiger so we played with the babies instead. They are like big kittens – so playful and cute!

Day 3 – Today we went on a full day elephant excursion. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip! First, we spent time learning about the heath and treatment of the elephants, fed them what seemed like a never-ending supply of bananas and sugar cane before starting our excursion. We stopped for an authentic Thai lunch in the forest and then got to bathe and swim with the elephants. It was an amazing experience to be alongside the elephants all day. In the evening we checked out the night bazaar that hosts hundreds of vendors selling products and goods, most of which they have made. We bought a few things here but really had to stand firm when we weren’t interested! Many vendors were very insistent!

Day 4 – Today, we were thankful for our sidewalks and crosswalks at home! We decided to wake up early and head to Starbucks (because we may be slightly addicted). There was one crosswalk the whole way and most people ignored it. A police officer had to stop traffic so we could cross. We noticed that hardly anyone walks, except tourists - many drive tuktuks, scooters or hitch a ride with others. After we safely arrived at Starbucks, we enjoyed a dark caramel latte - which we don’t have at home but we should! It was delicious so needless to say, we enjoyed a few more before heading home! After our coffees, we walked around the city visiting different sights and temples. In the evening we went to a Thai Cooking Class. We really enjoyed it! We started at the market, learning about some of the different ingredients the Thai cook with most often - many of these I had never heard of. Then we went back to the school (which was in the owners home) to make a handful of authentic dishes. Everything was so delicious and flavourful! We left with full stomachs and all of the recipes to enjoy at home! After our trip, we didn't a bit of a detox from all the rice and noodles we ate so we haven’t made any of the dishes since but we definitely will... I think my rice belly has finally disappeared.

Day 5 – We headed to the south islands! Starting on the East side in Koh Samui. Our resort was beautiful and the white sandy beaches were endless. Since we arrived later in the afternoon, we spend the evening scoping out the area and getting massages on the BEACH – what a treat!

Day 6 - We spend the day relaxing by the pool and by the beach, soaking up the beautiful scenery and weather!

Day 7 – Today we went out on an excursion, scuba diving for my husband and snorkeling for me! It was beautiful and a lot of fun. We had about an hour-long boat ride to the island we were diving at and visited a few different dive sites once we were there.

Day 8 – Today was an exciting day! We received an email that my husband was scheduled to start his rotations.... in 2 weeks! We were thrilled but we had some organizing to do before we left home for Baltimore, MD. The weather wasn’t great so it was the perfect day to reschedule our flights and start planning! Thank goodness we brought our rain jackets - but we were glad we only had to wear them once!

Day 9 – We headed to the West coast today and arrived at our resort in Phi Phi Don after a plane ride, bus ride, ferry ride and then finally a longtail boat ride. It was quite the adventure! Everything ran smoothly except for our bus ride that stopped at a pub for about 30 minutes until the drivers were done playing cards. Thankfully we made the ferry! Koh Phi Phi is stunning as well. There are not any roads from one side of the island to the other so you have to travel by long tail. It is a very unique place! Our resort was one of the farther ones but it was worth it!

Day 10: Today was another day of relaxing and enjoying the pool and ocean.

Day 11: We woke up early to go on an excursion our resort offered. The tour went to a nearby island, Koh Phi Phi Leh, home of the famous Maya Bay. We arrived before most of the other tour boats so we had the beach to ourselves for about 15 minutes. The beach was a lot smaller than I expected, but was absolutely beautiful. We only stayed for about an hour and by the time we left, around 8:00am it was crowded. We then went snorkeling in a different bay surrounded by cliffs. It was breathtaking. We then went to monkey beach where, as you guessed it, monkeys live. They are very smart. As each new boat arrives, the monkeys come out from the trees to get food. Our tour made one more stop to snorkel on the way back to the resort.

Day 12: We headed back to the mainland today and stayed in Ao Nang. This is a cute little beach town in Krabi. The main strip was lined with restaurants and shops and reminded me of a beach town close to home.

Day 13: Today we walked around the town of Ao Nang again before heading to the airport to start our journey home. Our first stop was back to Bangkok, followed by a 12 hour layover in Tokyo and then home!

Day 14: Today mostly consisted of changing airplanes and a quick tour of the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. Since we had about half a day in Tokyo, we wanted to leave the airport to do something but we weren’t quite sure what to do. After some research, we realized the world’s largest fish market would be the perfect spot to visit – not too far from the airport and would be something neat and different to see! It did not disappoint. And the sushi we had in Tokyo, (as expected) can't be beat. We headed back to the airport for our last flight home!

Below are a few of the links from our travels – I would highly recommend all of the places we stayed & the tours we took. There are also a few more pictures below, enjoy!

Our hotels:




Planning a trip to Thailand? Let me know if you have any questions!

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