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DIY Holiday Craft Ideas

December 10, 2014

I love crafts and DIY projects. I haven't been working on any projects lately but hopefully after the holidays I will get one started! I didn't bring my yarn, sewing machine or craft bin to Baltimore so I don't have much to work with. Since the holidays are the perfect time to let your creative side shine, I am sharing a few holiday crafts I have been itching to start!

Below are a list of DIY's I have come across online. I have not posted any of these images due to copyright infringement but you should definitely check out the links below for some DIY inspiration!
  • I made stockings for my husband and I a few years ago. Tip Junkie has a variety of different styles and patterns to choose from.
  • Visit Lauren Conrad's website for Clothes Pin Gift Tags. These gift tags are adorable and can jazz up any wrapping paper - even the brown paper used in her pictures! Free printable gift tags are also available here and here.
  • Snow globes are such pretty and fun decorations. This tutorial shows you how to make your own to decorate your home or give as a gift.
  • Advent calendars have made a big comeback. I have always loved getting an advent calendar and counting the days until Christmas - it definitely puts me in the festive spirit! There are a lot of great ideas out there; a fabric tree, a note a day for a friend or family member, David's Tea's "8 days of tea", an advent calendar of service, and pinterest always has a lot of great ideas. Although the month long advent calendars were started over a week ago (I can't believe it!), you still have time to make a 12 or 7 days of Christmas count down or you have lots of time to plan for next year!
  • I also love the idea of turning wine glasses into candle holders. You can decorate an up-side-down wine glass and place a candle on top for a beautiful and festive center piece!

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