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Charm City Livin'

November 16, 2014

As mentioned in a previous post, my hubby and I are now residing in Baltimore! I was a bit nervous when we first arrived as I knew nothing about Baltimore, other than friends and family warned us "it is a very dangerous place". However, we have adjusted to life in Baltimore after learning more about the area and diving right in! I must admit, I am really starting to enjoy it! I got a job the week after we arrived so I haven’t had that much time to explore... slowly but surely, I will! Here is a glimpse of our adventure so far.

We live right downtown which, coming from Toronto, is prime real estate. Baltimore on the other hand, isn’t quite the same. The city is much smaller so the downtown core isn’t as big however, there are many cute neighborhoods nearby. The city is working on making the downtown core a more desirable place to live as many of the old banks and various buildings are being renovated into apartments. Since Baltimore is not as big as Toronto, walking to the surrounding neighborhoods is not far at all. Many people live in the nearby neighborhoods of Federal Hill, Mount Vernon, Harbor East, Fells Point and Canton, or in the outskirts of the city.


The city is built around a beautiful Harbor. The city really does an amazing job at keeping the Harbor clean and safe. You see city workers at all hours of the day; picking up garbage, patrolling for safety and directing traffic and tourists. There is always something going on from Farmer's Markets, different Historic Ships docking for tours, a Pumpkin Patch for kids and Santa is coming as well as an Ice Rink this Winter! We are just a short walk to the Harbor which is great as Maggie enjoys walking there and meeting lots of new friends. We have been exploring different areas and restaurants on our weekly date night - which is a great way to see the different neighborhoods! Baltimore has a lot of character so it is fun to see what each neighborhood has to offer. Since my husband is very busy, it’s a nice night to put everything behind us, cell phones included, and really enjoy great food and culture!


When we arrived, the Orioles were still in the playoffs so it was great to see the city come together, all in orange! Reminded me of the support Toronto has for all of our sports teams - the energy is awesome. I am really hoping we can catch a Raven’s football game as: (a) I have never been to a football game before and (b) it looks like a LOT of fun. The city is dressed in purple, roads are closed, everyone is tailgating and I feel it is the real American experience!


Baltimore is a great place to visit! Although, you do need to be aware of your surroundings and most (myself included) suggest not walking around after dark. There are many attractions including the Aquarium, The Zoo, Science Center, Historical Museums and Cruises around Chesapeake Bay! I made a trip to the Aquarium recently - it was great! Very similar to the new Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto however, it has a rainforest and dolphins! Baltimore is also known for crab so I have been indulging at every chance and will definitely continue to get my fair share! It is absolutely delicious!


Below are a few fun facts about the city:
  • Baltimore is home to 622,104 people.
  • Babe Ruth, David Hasselhoff & Michael Phelps were born here. 
  • Baltimore was the second largest port for incoming immigrants in the 19th Century.
  • The Star Spangled Banner was sewn in Baltimore.
  • You'll find Duff Goldman's Charm City Cakes here! (Food Networks, Ace of Cakes' chef)
  • Under Armour Head Quarters is in Baltimore. 
  • There are 18 hospitals located in Baltimore alone (not including the surrounding areas)
  • Baltimore earned it's nick name of "Charm City" in 1975 when the Major wanted to improve the city's image and promote tourism. 
  • The American Railroad (B&O Railroad) was built in Baltimore in 1829.
  • Maryland, along with Delaware gave up part of their land to help form the capital, Washington, DC. 
  • Maryland produces the most blue crabs in the nation.

Baltimore definitely wasn't on my list of places to visit (or live) but I am so glad we have gotten to experience what "Charm City" has to offer!

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