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Southern-Style Mason Jars

July 25, 2014

Another one of the DIY’s I did for the Bachelorette trip to Nashville was personalized mason jars. I made southern decorated mason jars for each of the bridesmaids, the MOH and the bride. Everyone loved them and I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out!

I first gathered my supplies; mason jars, burlap, lace, neutral fabric and a sharpie!

I decided on the layout I wanted and cut the fabric to size. I then wrote everyone's nickname on a small piece of the neutral fabric with a sharpie and sewed the lace fabric to the burlap so it was secure. (My husband insisted on helping sew, hence the manly hands below).

After the lace was sewed onto the burlap, I decided to sew on the names as well. I wanted them to be secure and I didn’t want glue from the glue gun to come through the fabric since it was so thin.  So, I pinned the name tags in place and sewed them on.

Next, I placed the burlap on the mason jars, ensuring there was just enough of an overlap. I pulled a couple of the threads out so they were frayed at the bottom. I then used a glue gun to secure the burlap to the jars.

After the burlap was glued on, I used some of the burlap pieces I removed (to make the frayed bottoms) to tie at the neck of the bottles. And ta-da, they were finished!

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